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Hi My Beauties

I’m Olga Naumovski.  I am a mum to the most beautiful (inside and out) twins you will ever meet, a wife to the kindest most supportive soul, a friend to many, a lover of love, a business owner and the CEO of my life.  I’m so excited that you’ve come to check out what I’m about.  My wish is that you find something here that will spark a little interest to connect with me and find out more.

My absolute passion is to help women feel alive and fulfilled. Whether you are 18 or 88 you deserve to live life to the fullest.  I specialise in working with women and showing them how to create a life that is healthy, holistic and conscious.  My promise is that when you work with me I will help you uncover that little spark within you and awaken to your true authentic self.

How do I do this?


Connecting You with the People You Need

Over the last decade I have successfully moved from a regimented corporate life to a lifestyle where I have complete control over my day and the choices I make.  I am not only physically present for my family and friends but I am emotionally present.  I no-longer get those sunday night blues and stressed feeling in my stomach about work.  Can you relate?

My vehicle for moving out of the corporate world was a social marketing business.  In building my business I learnt the importance the mind, body and soul have on our life.  If these parts of your life aren’t firing, how can you create success in the workplace or in your business?  During this time I have dived wholeheartedly into personal development in these areas and continue to do so as I know this is how I can continue to be the best version of myself and therefore serve more people.

As you get to know me you’ll realise I am an optimist, I love personal development, I love and believe in everyone, I believe being healthy is paramount, I make mistakes, I can be a little lazy, I talk a lot and I’m far from perfect.  I don’t believe I have all the answers for you, I believe YOU have all the answers … you just need the right person to help you find them.

Life is precious and I want people to truly open their eyes to the life that they have available to them.  When we stop focusing on what isn’t right and start focusing on what is right and what we can do … that’s when miracles happen.

Reach out to me today and let’s have a conversation to see how I can best serve you.

Much Love,

Olga xo