CEO Mum Balance

CEO Mum Balance – does it exist?

As we officially enter school holidays and the “silly season” I wanted to share my thoughts on being a CEO Mum and how I balance out my business, family, home life and everything else I do.

CEO mums are everywhere.  Women all over the world are trying to balance running their own business/working whilst looking after their children.  But can we do it better?

It was only a few days ago I said to hubby that I’m feeling overwhelmed.  I was losing my temper quicker than normal, I was out of control and not focusing properly, my sleep wasn’t as restful as normal and I physically felt a tightness in my body.

He reminded me that these are my usual signs when school holidays start. I cram SO much into my days, then add the kiddo’s being at home and I want to spend time with them plus I become their uber driving and of course the house is messier than normal … I’m officially out of balance.  Enter overwhelm and stress.

My strategies for reducing overwhelm and restoring balance are:

1 - Set weekly intentions and create a plan
First step is to stop and take a good look at your schedule. Do you have one?  More often than not this is the first thing that suffers during school holidays.  When you fail to plan and just go with the flow you may check a few things off your to-do list but chances are you aren’t getting the most important things done … just the things that scream the loudest.  Always set an alarm in your phone for a set time each week to do your planning and make that activity non-negotiable.  Then when you plan, set your intention for the week across 4 key areas: Health, Family/Relationships, Business, Self care.  This is an important step that many do not do, they simply write a to-do list without thinking about their intent across key areas of their life.  When you just write a to-do list you are probably not even thinking about your monthly, quarterly or yearly goals or your wellbeing.  Your weekly planning needs to always be anchored back to how you want to feel and what you want to create.

2 - Communicate
If you are a CEO mum, what are all the things that you do in your day?  Do you realize how much you do?  Have you had a good conversation with your partner to ask for support?  If you treat your business like a hobby not only will you not get the proper support you need, but you will not get the income you desire either.  Business requires effort and support. Stand strong with what you want and have confidence to ask for help (maybe a few times).

3 - Talk to your kids
If you have kids then have a conversation with them and set boundaries.  My kids have learnt (I’ve taught them) to interrupt me whenever they like … after all I do my business so I can be more available to them … I should drop everything for them?  That isn’t helpful to anyone at all.  It’s important for your children to see that you are working and it’s important for them to learn to value your time NOT that you will just drop everything whenever they ask.  Yes most mums do this business to have more time with their children BUT are you just after time where you co-exist/babysit OR are you after quality time together where you can experience life and enjoy each other.  Set boundaries to get the results you truly desire.

4 - Accept the varying intensity
Your life will never run at the same pace each week.  You will have weeks that are more manageable than others and then you will have those weeks were there is a lot going on.  Look at balance with a birds eye view and you may see a different picture.  Also, stop saying “I’m busy”, this just makes you feel worse, I choose to say that my weeks are “full”.. it has a lighter energy around it and I feel like I’m actually in control of what I put in my schedule. 

5 - Practice listening to you
If you quiet your mind you can actually feel when you get out of balance.  For me there is heaviness in my chest, that’s my stress.  Your body knows how to tell you you’ve gone too far and it’s time to re-evaluate what you are doing.  You just need to stop and be able to hear it. 

That’s it from me guys.  Have the merriest of Christmas’s and a New Year filled with love, laughter and incredibly beautiful moments that you’ll remember forever.

Olga xo