Declaring Your Goal

Welcome to February you gorgeous humans. The month where we realize that holidays are officially over and the year has truly begun. Just incase you don’t realize it; this is a good thing! Now is the time to start working towards those goals that you set in January when everything felt easy and you were motivated to create something different.

My goals (and the families) have been set. We always have a day in January where we write out our intentions for the year and create vision boards of what we are working towards. Steve and I set goals around Health, Family, Relationships, Business, New Experiences and Finances. The girls tend to focus on Health, Family, School, Sport and New Experiences. I LOVE doing this as a family and whilst there is some resistance from one of the girls (same one each year), she comes around pretty quickly and it ends up being a fun experience.

Writing your goals down is the first step to making it all happen. I mean it! Depending on which report you read, studies show that people who write down their goals are 80% more likely to achieve them. So why is this true? Well, it has to do with our brain. When we think something we only use the imaginative part of our brain, and when we write we use the logical side of our brain. So when you think about your goals and write them down you are engaging both sides of your brain and this results in you sending a signal to your subconscious that you seriously want this goal! Pretty cool right! So if you haven’t already written down your goals … then stop reading and do it now! Go on.

Once we’ve written down our goals, what next? The next thing is to declare your goals - scary, but oh so powerful when you do it correctly. I’ve been at training events when the trainer asks you to stand if you are ready to promote to the next level. So you stand because you are pumped up with excited OR you stand because you feel obligated because the person next to you is standing up. Yep I’ve done that! I don’t believe that kind of declaration works – well it doesn’t work for me. It feel’s like declaration under obligation. You want your declaration to feel right and you want to declare it to a group that will hold you to your word (even when you feel like giving up). For those on our Facebook page you may have seen the video where I declared that I’m building a region again. Like most people I hesitated when the thought popped into my head and I started to make excuses for myself. Things like:

  • I don’t have time, I have so many people I coach
  • I’m already a region I’ve done it before I don’t need to do it again
  • Will anyone even care about my journey?
  • Will this actually help people?
  • Can I even promote again?
  • What if I don’t actually achieve it?

If you were in my head you would’ve been exhausted!

Although I was able to quickly silence those thoughts I knew there was a little doubt still festering in my mind so I picked up the phone and called my coach to bounce my idea off her. Within seconds of telling Nikki my idea she literally shouted down the phone “YESS, why has it taken you so long”. Ummm why are you yelling! Haha, love ya Nikki! At that point I knew it was the right thing to do and it proved that once again my intuition knew best.

Guys, by me declaring my goal to our group it has made it hard for me to back out … yes I’ve already wanted to back out! The fact that I’ve told you all that I’m doing it means that I’m going to stay true to my word. That’s what a proper declaration does … it makes you keep your head in the game. Even if you get scared after Day 1!

So does writing down your goals and declaring mean you can shut the gates, job done? Nope. I recommend you find an accountability partner. Yep I’m talking accountability again. This is critical. If you don’t have an accountability partner you will find it challenging to keep going and you’ll start listening to the head trash. Why go down that path? Find the person that will work alongside you and stretch and support you. Never be scared of accountability – it’s such a great thing!

Well that’s it from me guys. As always I hope that you find something in here to inspire you. Go WRITE. DECLARE. DO and BE ACCOUNTABLE. Your 2018 is waiting!

Have a fab week everyone.

Olga xo