When I started my Arbonne business years ago I heard one of the Vice Presidents talk about “empowering women”. I really loved the energy and idea of that phrase, but being totally frank … I didn’t understand how selling products would empower me or others. It seemed like a bit of a stretch actually!

Since that presentation I feel that I hear about empowerment a lot – in particular when it comes to women. I’m sure you’ve read it or heard it thousands of times. But what does it really mean? Wiki, the gospel when it comes to definitions (haha), defines empowerment, as

“The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.”

In my mind empowerment is about peeling back the layers to find YOU (your true, strong, confident self) and through that process creating the life that you want to live NOT the one you are told to live.

So what’s the magic formula to building our version of a dream life.

I spoke to a few girlfriends and consultants within my organisation and we seem to agree that to feel empowered we all must have a solid healthy foundation because this is where we get our energy from. Once we make being healthy a priority, what other things help us feel empowered.

The first of which is a tribe. Who is in your tribe? Are they awesome? Because you deserve nothing less than being around people that are awesome. Jim Rohn has been quoted to say that we are an average of the 5-6 people we associate with. You’re either smiling right now OR fear just kicked in! Let me explain why a tribe is so important.

We feel more confident when we are with our tribe, this group of beauties supports us and helps us grow to be even better than the day before. Our tribe has our back, they know when and how to stretch us out of our comfort zone because they know when we are taking the easy option and playing it safe. My go to tribe is my Arbonne beauties – EVERY single time I see them I leave feeling amazing about myself, I feel that I am enough, I feel a tad more confident and I just want to dream that little bit more. Basically I’m feeling the love.

Find a tribe that makes you feel the love – always!

What about when you aren’t with your tribe? What are some things that you can do when you aren’t with that gorgeous group of inspiration humans.

Well let’s start with taking control of our perspective. You have 2 choices in EVERY scenario – choosing a positive or negative perspective. Human beings are not that complicated, when we are negative we feel yucky at our core! When we are positive we tend to feel happy! Choose how you want to feel. Our thoughts dictate our feelings, our feelings dictate our actions and then our actions dictate our results (I got that gem from T Harv Eker – love it). We all have “not so good things” happen to us, it is the beauty of life. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be able to notice the good things. Your challenges is to take each situation and see it as an obstacle that it leading you forward to your goals. That’s going to feel hard initially, just work on it though and before you know it you will truly see the good in every situation.

Just like choosing to be positive you can also choose to be happy NOW, in every moment. Your life is happening NOW, not tomorrow or next week. The goodness is around you now. Think about this very moment. Are you happy now? Maybe you’re taking a break at work to read this blog … awesome, you’ve got a job (some people don’t), you can take a break (some don’t), you can read (…. Is that taking it too far?). You get what I’m saying here. We all know someone that has it tougher than us … sometimes we can whinge about our problems BUT if you were asked to trade yours with someone else that is really struggling … would you? Probably not. Own your obstacles and choose to be happy now.

This next one is so important when it comes to empowerment. And that is Awareness. We all seem to know someone that is in denial … maybe we know them too well! If you don’t have awareness you can’t shift the things that aren’t making you happy. From my perspective awareness is key. To live that empowered life you have to be aware and own your own S^&T! When you blame, justify or deny you aren’t taking responsibility for your life. No responsibility. No way of creating the life that you truly want. Simple. You want more out of life, ditch denial and embrace awareness!

And finally, the most important thing when it comes to being empowered … Choosing courage over fear … EVERY time! This is such an easy thing to write but such a difficult thing to do. Fear is ingrained in all us, it has been for generations. I used to hate how scared I was about things until I realised that it is a part of me and the more I hate it or deny its there, the more I give it power. I think we have about 18 seconds to change the thoughts in our heads. So the next time you are scared of doing something new or embracing a new opportunity ask yourself … what is the worst thing that can happen? And then when you answer, ask it again of that answer … what is the worst thing that can happen? You will quickly realise that the worst thing isn’t that bad after all. So my beautiful reader, what scares you? Really think about it. Now imagine if you could just be brave for 5 minutes and give it a go. How amazing would you feel if you just trusted yourself for 5 minutes? One thing I know to be true is that if you go for and be brave for 5 minutes you will create a little shift within and you WILL grow to be a better version of you.

So that’s it from me my beauties. What makes you feel empowered? Are you empowering others? My wish is that we all take a little action daily to empower ourselves, because when we do it will trickle down to others and we will inspire them to empower themselves and others.

Olga xo