Hope you are having a great week. If you are reading this you are a registered Arbonne consultant in my organisation and you are either actively running your business or you’ve hit pause on your business for a while but are still keen to hear what’s going on and to stay in touch. If by chance that’s not you and you’ve been placed on the wrong list, then feel free to unsubscribe as my intention is to support those that want to create an income with Arbonne and not to send emails to those that don’t want the information. No hard feelings.

If you’re still reading… let’s get started.

This, is the first of many regular emails to help you become a conscious leader in your Arbonne business and in life. I believe that when we do things with intention and understanding we get the best result, and the right result.

The last 18 months have been transformational for me as an Arbonne VP, social marketing professional and entrepreneur. I ABSOLUTELY love the simplicity and potential of Arbonne as it has had such a positive impact on my life and the lives of so many. BUT, and yes there is a BUT, there are a few things I feel we can do differently so that we lift the profile of the industry and our businesses. Through these emails I want to candidly share my thoughts, wisdom and guidance so that you can build yourself and your businesses and inspire others to join you. I truly believe we have hit the jackpot and found the best business model. One where we win, and we have the opportunity to help others win too. It’s gold!

My vision is for us is to run our businesses from our heart space, to empower our consultants to be leaders, and to show people that we don’t need to follow the old rules that were set up 30+ years ago but instead to have confidence to try different things. Now, I’m not suggesting that we totally re-invent everything and ditch what’s been done. Not at all! That can be detrimental. There are many powerful strategies that have been executed in years gone by that still work well today. When I say “do things differently” I’m talking about bringing network marketing into the 21st century. Our consumers know better, we know better.

Today I build my business in a way that not only feels right to me, but I build it with processes and foundations that are solid building blocks for long term business success, not just steps for a quick result.

When people hear me say… you’ve got to do it YOUR way… they get excited and agree, but the problem is that 8 out of 10 people end up not doing anything at all because they don’t quiet understand what “doing it your own way” means.

Having a system is important; it is your road map. Doing it YOUR WAY doesn’t mean ignoring the business foundations and the system, it just means putting a little you into each step so that people connect with you and know that you truly want to help them not just sell to them. Make sense?

I’ve seen people stop building their Arbonne business because they got tired of doing the system. But when I’ve questioned them, it was that they got tired of doing a reach out method (for example workshops). At the time my response was, this business only works when you do the workshops. Ahhh, we all learn eventually!! Workshops my beauties are not the system or the foundation for success. Workshops are a reach out method. If you don’t like them; then you find another reach out method that suits your lifestyle. The system/step/foundation in this scenario is “get in front of people” so that you share the product and opportunity. Can you see the difference? When you understand WHY you are doing something you are in a better position to try something else that can potentially achieve the same concept. I have chosen to actively build my network through my networking group and to leverage social media. Workshops still play a part in my business but they don’t stress me out if I don’t have them as they are not the only thing I set out to do each month.

Building an Arbonne business is simple – you share product with people and offer them an opportunity to create an income. The overall objective is to personally build a network of people that shop online and then show others how to build their personal network. That’s it. Never forget that. The objective of Arbonne isn’t to book 6 – 10 workshops a month… that’s 1 way to share the product that’s not the objective. Think online network of shoppers. Think e-commerce business.

As I wrap up this first newsletter I want to remind you all of the foundations for our business. These are the 5 things you need to do regularly to build your business:

1) Find people. Every business needs people and our business is no different. Where will you meet people, what are you comfortable doing? Workshops, networking, existing networks, social media, etc.

2) Talk to people. That is, get to know them, don’t talk Arbonne just yet. The point of this step is to simply get to know them to see if there is a need. If you are connecting with people online, start to build that rapport and see if there is a need or a logical opportunity to start a conversation about product/business.

3) Offer them Arbonne. Once you establish their need, personalise your offer to them.

4) Follow-up with them. No you aren’t hassling them. Closing the loop on a conversation is important. I will always get permission to follow them up and confirm the best time to do so. Again, you are not hassling them; this is you being a professional. Leaving it all in the air is very unprofessional and wouldn’t happen in any other business so don’t do it in your Arbonne business.

5) Get them started. Go to the members login of the website and check out the getting started process.

Look at the 5 points above and see where you may have gaps in your organization. Reach out to your up-line and brainstorm some ideas together to help you bridge the gap.

I have had my business for 8 years and each year it has grown and I have grown. I have grown into a leader that isn’t chasing a title or volume or stage recognition but one that is focused on building a strong personal network and teaching others to do the same. Social Marketing may be a business with a “copycat” concept BUT there is room for me to be ME, and you to be YOU. When we work our businesses with integrity, professionalism and are consciously doing things to grow a long term business not just a business that hits a target, then we not only create incredible organisations but we have fun doing it and yes we organically attract people to us.

Until next time. Olga x