New Possibilities

Well here we go, another year and another opportunity to create what you desire. But are you on the path to creating success or simply re-creating past results?

The beginning of a new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what worked last year and what shifts you can make this year to achieve the goals you’ve set.  

If you truly want to achieve new results then let’s take a look at a few things:

1 – Set a target that excites you
In Arbonne businesses, consultants often choose targets that are based on levels.  The problem with this is when things get too hard “a title” doesn’t provide enough drive to keep them going.  The same goes with money, when it gets hard people just go back to what is comfortable just to get those dollars and they forget the real reason they started Arbonne.  For this year choose your target/goal and then ask yourself why is that important, and keep asking that question until you really know why you are setting that goal.  Let’s take a look at a consultant that may have a goal of Area Manager.
Goal - Promote to Area Manager
Why – So I can earn $4000 per month
Why – So I can pay off debt
Why – So I can be financially free
Why – So I don’t have stress in my relationship
Why – So I am happy

When you break down your goal to a “real life” reason you will not only stay in activity, but you’ll feel great doing it because it’s a goal that is connected to your heart.

2 – Understand what it takes
Work with your up-line to understand the effort, activity and time required to achieve your goals.  Be honest with your assessment of your effort and activity last year, and identify the areas that you can improve on.  This is also a great time to think about your strengths and identify how you can leverage those strengths.  Yes it is important to understand all our reach out methods, but I find that people excel in some areas and I encourage them to leverage that skill to build their business.

3 – Create a plan
The biggest mistake I see people make in their business is skipping the planning and time management piece.  It really is as simple as setting your 90 day goals, creating your monthly strategy and preparing a weekly plan.  Committing to this sequence of activities will absolutely get you closer to your goals and will help reduce the overwhelm you feel as you manage multiple responsibilities.  If the thought of planning is overwhelming then reach up and schedule some time with me and let me guide you.

4 – Create Accountability
If you have set your targets, know what it takes, and have created your plan, then the next step is to find an accountability partner.  Your accountability partner should be someone that understands the importance of your goals and will not let you off the hook when you feel it gets all too hard.  Many confuse accountability partners with your mentor, they can be one in the same but they don’t need to be.  You need someone in your business life to hold you accountable to the things you said you’d do.  This can sometimes be confronting, especially when you may not be progressing to plan, but it is important to see this as a positive rather than a negative – knowing you are not where you need to be is a blessing, not a sign of failure. If your accountability partner knows you see it this way it will make them comfortable to be honest with you. So who will hold you accountable for the first 90 days?

5 - Decide
We hear many people say that the key to their success is “deciding”.  They decided they were going to achieve that level.  I believe that the decision is around the activity.  This year I encourage you to decide to get into activity NOT to decide to promote to a certain level.  If you decide to get into activity, and more importantly commit to that level of activity, then the promotion and benefits will follow.

2018 will be exactly what you focus on and what you commit to – make sure your commitment and focus are in the right place.

Happy New Year my beautiful peeps.

Olga xo