Hope you’ve all had a great start to the month and that you are starting to feel the Christmas energy in your homes. Our Christmas tree is finally up and the odd Christmas song is being played in the car. Daggy, but I sooo love it! 

So this week I wanted to talk about how you position YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. 

Have you ever met someone or have someone in your network that you wholeheartedly know would be perfect for Arbonne. They have a strong reason why, they already have the skills to build a network, they are driven and focused and positive BUT when you mention Arbonne their eyes glaze over and they just don’t get it! Time passes and you continue to share Arbonne with them but they continue NOT to get it. Oh dear!! Have you been there? 

I’ve seen it quite a few times in my 8 years in business! Whilst I’ve found it so frustrating and often wondered why they can’t see it like I see it, I now believe “positioning” plays a part in it. 

Positioning is all about - What are you saying and doing? Or in some cases what are you NOT saying and doing.

For a moment I want you to think about how have you positioned you and your business – both online and in real life? Your positioning will attract people into your organization, but are you attracting the people that you actually want? 

The way you position your business absolutely influences how people view you, interact with you and whom they refer to you. 

Are you someone that is always posting product photos on social media and not sharing other parts of your business and life? OR Are you someone that never/rarely talks or posts about your business? 

Each of these scenarios creates a perception with your network. 

Is their perception your reality? 

About a year ago one of my prospects said they could never do Arbonne because I run events in the evening and they don’t have the capacity to get out at night. About the same time another prospect said they can’t see themselves doing Arbonne because they are so scared of public speaking. My first reaction was “whaatt, that’s crazy”, but then when I sat with it for a while I realized that my messaging on social media (through photos and posts) was all around me speaking at Discover Arbonne events and going out at nights. There were too many of these posts and they gave people an unrealistic view of what I do. Yes I do run evening events and speak at DA’s but its not what I do all the time and those two activities don’t completely represent my activity. 

So what are YOU doing? Take a moment to think about it. 

If you want to build a team but all you post is photos of products and anything and everything related to Arbonne, then what do you think the perception is? Perhaps you are giving your network the perception that to build success with Arbonne you must sell products constantly and you must always live and breathe Arbonne. Even though that isn’t your intent that is the subliminal message that they receive. 

Is your language on social media negative, are you often whining about something? Would people want to join that? 

Another scenario is if you are talking about being able to run this business online but you are constantly posting offline events that you run then your prospects are getting confused. They are looking at your “reality” (which is what they see) and thinking... I don’t want to be doing events all the time I want to run this online. 

And what about those of you that never mention Arbonne, but want to build a multi-million dollar organization. How is this going to be possible if you don’t let people into the amazing world and the potential that exists? Month on month you don’t hit your goals and you are developing the view that this business doesn’t work, but the reality is that you aren’t doing what it takes to work it. 

So how do you improve your positioning? 

1) Awareness. You guys hear me talk about this ALL THE TIME, but it’s the key to everything in life. If you don’t have awareness you can not fix the situation. From now I want you to have some awareness on your positioning and messaging. 

2) Own your vision. If you want to be a retailer and only sell the product to people (not build a team) and be known for that, then that’s how you want to position yourself online and offline. Share product, share your personal stories, let people know you can help them with product and samples, let them know of end of month specials and teach them how to order. OWN this. POSITION yourself accordingly. 

If you want to be someone that grows a massive organization then your positioning will be different. It can’t only be about the product, it has to be more holistic. Share product, share the business opportunity, share the team events, inspire people. You want a hybrid approach with messages that cut across all of these areas. 

3) Work on it. One of my favourite sayings is “Rome wasn’t built in a day” … seriously love this! The same applies with your messaging and positioning of your business. Continue to work on it daily. If you go and look at my early social media posts or you’ve been in my business for a while you will notice that I’ve grown and have more of a balanced view and approach to how I do my business. Growth takes time. Be prepared to grow into your positioning and be prepared to get a tad uncomfortable. If you can just commit to that, then the rest will follow. 

Well that’s it my beauties, a little business food for thought. Positioning is critical in your business, over the holiday season I want you to think about how you are positioning you and your business. Is it positioning to reach your goals and maximize your potential in 2018 OR is your positioning completely opposite to what you want to create? 

Please reach out if you have any questions about this topic, I’m always happy to guide you in the right direction. 

Have a fab week everyone. 

Olga x